Suppose your travel nursing staffing segment is growing at 30 percent year over year, but your per diem nursing staffing segment hasn’t grown at all in that time. You may be inclined to fire your per diem director and promote your travel nurse director, but if you had taken just 10 minutes to participate in last month’s Pulse Survey, you would understand those results align with the overall industry growth rates. So don’t be too quick to act.

Staffing Industry Analysts offers staffing firms five main surveys, each one specifically designed to provide participants with actionable information and unique market opportunities. And, best of all, most of these are free.

Pulse Survey

In addition to the monthly state-of-the industry update, the Pulse survey also provides various benchmarks assessing the staffing industry overall, such as month-to-month perceptions of how business is going, bullishness and bearishness and sales/recruiting challenges.

Benchmarking Consortium

We also offer our Staffing Industry Benchmarking Consortium, which is similar to the Pulse, except that it is conducted semi-annually; requires a more thorough submission; and provides a much more detailed, comprehensive analysis.

Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Labor, or even the IRS for temp staffing revenue data by industry segment. You won’t find it there, or anywhere — except in Pulse and SIBC.

What if a manufacturing firm recently came upon a new client, and suddenly needs to produce a certain amount of widgets. Where will they get the manpower to fill their order? Usually, the most costeffective solution will be temporary labor. Where will they find a staffing firm of appropriate size to support their needs? From the only annual report that gives comprehensive staffing firm revenue by industry: our annual Book of Lists. In our buyer survey last year, we asked how they found their primary staffing firm. More than a quarter said they found them on one of our published lists.

Book of Lists

We gather the information for our Book of Lists by — you guessed it — an annual online survey. All that participants are required to provide is their company’s revenue breakdown for the previous year by industry segment, and they’re on their way to appearing on our “Buyer Shopping Lists.” We offer numerous additional opportunities, including our Fastest-Growing List, Acquirers List, and Diversity List.

So now that your staffing firm has exposure to the customer, how can you attract temporary employees needed to fill all the new orders?

Best Staffing Firms to Work For

Fortunately, Staffing Industry Analysts offers our “Best Staffing Firms to Work For” survey. Here we survey both staffing firms’ internal employees and their temporary employees. So not only will the world know how happy your internal employees are, helping you attract the best and brightest employees of the staffing industry, but temps will know that you are the best staffing firm to work for from the perspective of other temps.

Staffing Firm Survey

Last but not least is our Staffing Firm Survey, which can help your firm align its practices with industry standards so you don’t have to worry that you might be charging too much, or not enough, for example. This survey will give you the average price charged by U.S. staffing firms. It also provides you access to the most effective sales and marketing tactics and more.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ surveys are designed with you — the customer — in mind. So when you get that email with a catchy but ambiguous subject line, try clicking the survey link. Your per diem director in particular will thank you.