There is a new improved Staffing Industry Review in town. As we move into 2012, I have great pleasure in presenting this upgraded, modernized magazine. A new year brings with it good intentions and resolutions. Ours is that you enjoy and get continued value from this spruced-up publication.

Why did we remodel? Well, a new year should offer hope for better times. Staffing has proved its worth in the last recession. And 2012 promises to be a period of growth for the industry. So we want you to have access to a magazine that will help you with your job, outline trends and give practical tips in a stylish, yet comfy setting. Teeming with professional advice, the magazine will feature our analysts as well as experts in sales, the law and other aspects of staffing. An added bonus is the voice of the customer giving you guidance and feedback.

In fact, our first issue in January is taking a look at what makes a staffing/buyer relationship successful. Bryan Peña’s story tells you that the key success drivers may not be what you think — a must-read for those who still think such relationships are about donuts and golf. Then, Leslie Stevens-Huffman writes about four trends to watch for as staffing agencies navigate the still-tricky economic climate of 2012. Putting the customer first helps business regardless of the fiscal situation.

Managing Editor Craig Johnson’s profile of The Epitec Group reveals how a true service mantra pays off, and last but not least is KJ Fullam’s glimpse into staffing in Mexico. This is our first foray into international waters and we hope to continue to bring you snapshots of different countries. We also have Senior Research Analyst Sona Sharma’s candid interview with Edmundo Escobar, the founding member of Mexico’s staffing association. He discusses everything from Mexico’s black market to the lack of training contracts.

There you have it. The new Staffing Industry Review. No longer are we referring to it as SI Review. We are the magazine that serves the staffing industry. But to make things work, you need to interact with us. Read it. Tell us what works, what doesn’t. You can email us at

Enjoy the makeover.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year.

Subadhra Sriram
Editorial Director