They vie to be on the Best Staffing Firms to Work For list. They go all out on perks for internal workers. Some offer trips to exotic locales as an incentive, others provide a laundry service. Some bring in gourmet lunches, a few insist on career development.

But it’s really not about the perks. Staffing Industry Analysts’ sixth annual Best Staffing Firm to Work For contest reveals it’s about building the right culture where internal workers can flourish. Staffing firms may have different approaches to making the employee feel special. But it begins even before a worker gets aboard. From making sure the person has the right skills to the right temperament, companies want to guarantee workers fit in with their organization’s culture and team. The industry has been through the Great Recession and learned a few valuable lessons. And these CEOs are taking those lessons to heart. Talent is a company’s first and most valuable resource. As our stories illustrate, CEOs have understood people are going to be your main differentiator. Treating your workers well boosts the bottom line. But people want different things. So engagement is key. These savvy executives are creating cultures they believe in and then are hiring right. Yes, workers enjoy the perks. But they also want growth, fun and colleagues they trust and can have a laugh with.

Is it a tall order? Not really. This year’s contest ranks the top five firms to work for in small, midsize and large firm categories based on number of internal employees. We also feature for the second time the Best Staffing Firms to Work For in the UK. On our sister website, we present the 2015 Best Staffing Firms to Work For, grouped by company size.