Hillary Rodham Clinton calls it the highest, hardest glass ceiling: the US presidency. As she readies herself to make that bid for the second time, women are fighting on many different fronts.

In the staffing industry, the glass is barely scratched. The numbers are bleak. Take our staffing 100 lists, where women tend to be greatly overshadowed. Our last published 2014 US list of the 100 most influential people in staffing in North America features just 22 women. Europe’s current Staffing 100 list has only 13.

The incongruity is in the fact that large groups of women do dominate the staffing industry, but it’s in the branch offices. In the boardroom, it’s still the men who call the shots.

Highlighting the skills and accomplishments of the women in the industry is our way of acknowledging the very real contributions made by this group. The great leaders on our inaugural Global Power 100 — Women in Staffing list are just as capable of guiding companies as their male counterparts.

Regardless of titles, these women are game changers, people who have taken their operations to a whole new level. Please take a moment to applaud these honorees, both the North America 50, who are featured in these pages, as well as the International 50, which can be found on our website at si100women.staffingindustry.com. We have enjoyed putting this list together.

The importance of diversity cannot be overstated. It’s an increasingly important aspect for businesses that want to succeed, as is knowing the market you are serving. Greg Palmer explores the expected growth in healthcare jobs in a $10 billion-plus market. Make sure you are ready for the hiring surge predicted.

From women in staffing to healthcare jobs to advice from our knowledgeable columnists, our magazine is chock full of ideas to help make you and your company successful, a theme we carry at our Healthcare Staffing Summit in Las Vegas, Sept. 28th-30th. Hope we see you there.