What’s the bottom line? In business, it is the bottom line — revenue and profits. The industry’s 102 fastestgrowing companies generated $13.00 billion in revenue in 2014. Together, they constituted this year’s Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms List across all segments.

Whether you want to find out where you stand among your peers, or the inside scoop on how the top 10 firms do it, Craig Johnson’s article is a must read. Johnson explains the methodology, detailing how companies featured have a median compound annual growth rate of 24.2% for revenue between 2010 and 2014. You can also view these stars and the full list at fastestgrowing.staffingindustry.com.

With growth comes opportunities. Leslie Stevens-Huffman’s feature explores the M&A market, where competing offers, cash buyers and demand for acquisitions outstripping supply, make it a great time for owners to get top dollar for their staffing firms. Read her tips to ensure that you can get the best price if you are going down that path.

M&A notwithstanding, there’s a beast that all staffing firms have to deal with. The Affordable Care Act. The pay-or-play decision isn’t over. Attorney George Reardon talks about how in the next two years there may be legislative initiatives from Congress, regulations from the next presidential administration, and a new presidential policy on health insurance. Staffing firms will have to deal with this extremely elaborate law. He outlines the choices available and the complexities involved.

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