Placing recruiters into specialties creates a successful hiring strategy

Here at Digital Intelligence Systems LLC (DISYS), we recently shifted our recruiting strategy. Whereas our recruiters had been regionally focused, we now follow a CORE model that has proven to be advantageous not only to clients utilizing our services, but to recruiters working within our organization.

With more than 33 offices worldwide and 200 recruiters, we have had a foothold in our respective markets and our recruiters have always had in-depth understanding of technology, up-to-date methodology and proven best practices to find the most highly-qualified candidates to meet a client’s needs.

But we wanted to up our game — not only to accelerate productivity for our clients by shortening staffing and onboarding timelines, but also develop our recruiters into true specialists whose expertise translates to direct benefits for our clients.

So many companies are playing the “Get a req, fill a req” game, but we wanted to create a different model, with a laser focus as a means to create far better outcomes for our clients and our consultants.

So earlier this year, we decided to organize our more than 200 recruiters into these four CORE groups: functional IT, infrastructure for IT, BI/ERP and app development. Recruiters underwent current skills assessments and additional technology-specific training via our internal learning management system to ensure they could keep pace with industry trends, client needs and more holistically understand how technology expertise contributed to our client’s business initiatives.

The CORE groups align with our most-requested client needs based on trend data and they create incubators of expertise translating into powerful recruiting tactics for presenting exactmatch candidates to our clients. With this alignment, we have created an additional layer of technical expertise that can be applied to more sound and consistent screening of candidates.

For example, DISYS’ application development recruiters are dedicated to identifying potential bench resources specifically with applicable app dev capabilities. This focus and expertise enables our recruiters to become experts in application development technologies, hone in on the best ways to come in contact with application development talent and keep a pulse on how market trends inform the application development field.

Placing our recruiters into CORE specialties rather than geographic focus has enabled them to become specialists in technical recruiting fields and to identify candidates across the globe who are best-in-class talent. As more and more jobs aren’t tied down to a location, our shift has changed the talent pool for our clients from a small pond to an ocean of qualified candidates spanning the globe.

We have seen an increased number of confirmed engagements and also have experienced higher client satisfaction with the talent we are able to supply. When a recruiter focuses on a field and truly gets to know the top players in that field, the client benefits.

No longer talent-pool generalists, our recruiters are able to become fully immersed into their skills bucket and understand what defines a strong candidate in the field. Our recruiter engagement with clients is now at a higher level of insight as our recruiter’s understanding of their particular bucket increases with the trends. Now, constant analysis and data drive a recruiter’s knowledge base.

This model shift has demonstrated when we align the right recruiters with the right skill-bucket jobs to recruit for, we produce better results for our clients. Additionally, recruiter job satisfaction improves, as they are not only given a chance to become passionate about a skill bucket but are also given the tools, training and data needed to truly become experts in their field.