When Work is fun. Staffing firms have taken this maxim to heart. They believe investing in building the right company culture yields the right rate of investment.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ seventh annual Best Staffing Firms to Work For contest reveals it’s about giving employees what they want. From treating employees like family to providing ongoing training to providing the right career opportunities, agencies are doing what it takes to make their talent feel valued.

And they continue to pull out all stops. Take the cool perks employers offer for example. Gourmet catered lunches, laundry service, trips to exotic destinations, in-office massages, doctor on call, the list of benefits are long and varied. Employees appreciate them but are quick to emphasize that it’s not about the perquisites. It’s about having the opportunity to learn, grow and have fun while earning money.

In the much publicized war for people, talent is the company’s most valuable arsenal. Staffing firms understand that different people want different things. So the C-suite is taking the time to create a culture they believe in and then finding the right people to take their mission forward. Here are the success stories.


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