The numbers are impressive. But the growth is all about the people. 2016 again marks a new high in the number of companies on the list of fastest-growing staffing firms. There are 112 firms on this year’s list, compared to 102 on last year’s. What these firms have in common is what helped fuel growth: employees who challenged the status quo, driving the firm to new heights.

It’s an eclectic group of firms that made the list, representing many types of staffing. However, firms that cited IT as their main segment served represented 30% of the list. Firms that cited healthcare as their main segment served represented 29% of the list — up from 22% on last year’s list.

For the second year in a row, healthcare staffing firm Loyal Source ranked as the fastest-growing staffing firm, with compound annual growth in revenue of 126.6% between 2011 and 2015, the period for which growth is measured for the 2016 list.

This year’s 10 fastest-growing firms include:

  1. Loyal Source
  2. Dedicated Nursing Associates Inc.
  3. Healthcare IT Leaders LLC
  4. Phaidon International
  5. Health Carousel
  6. OneStaff Medical LLC
  7. Source4Teachers
  8. Specialist Staffing Group (US division of SThree plc)
  9. SearchPros Staffing
  10. HealthCare Scouts Inc.

The median CAGR for the 10 fastest-growing staffing firms on this year’s list was 72.6%, up from 61.0% on last year’s list. CAGR for the total list of 112 firms was 30.3%, up from last year’s of 24.2%.

To qualify for the list, firms had to post CAGR of 15% or greater. The list is based on US staffing revenue only, excluding acquisitions. Some firms on the list, such as Phaidon International and Specialist Staffing Group, are divisions of larger firms based outside the US. In these cases, only US revenue is considered.

The full 2016 list is sponsored by Bullhorn and available at the Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms website.