A serious, loyal readership base: You. And I am happy to announce the 2016 Europe Staffing 100 list that celebrates your success. We want to keep you coming back for more with content and research that you find engaging and — more importantly — useful for your business. But this time around, it’s about singing your praises. It’s a tribute to you.

You bring us something we can’t do without: jobs. You embody the phrase: “We Put People to Work.” And it’s not a task for the faint-hearted. The World of Work is undergoing meteoric changes. Taking command, steering the vicissitudes that are overtaking the world of work, is challenging. Your leadership has earned you a spot on the 2016 European Staffing 100 list.

At our end, our struggles — though less — are more to keep the list to a hundred people. We’d like to point out that this list is not a ranking. It’s a shout-out to those we think have made a difference to the world of work. Calculating influence, as the editorial team can testify, is subjective. There are some on the list who are may not be running multi-million dollar staffing firms but made it thanks to some burst of innovation or legislation they helped shape over the years. It includes those who have helped shaped a €369 billion market in
2015 in big and small ways.

Besides commending your uniqueness, we believe this list gives the staffing industry in Europe a distinctive global identity. Where do the 2016 European Staffing 100 come from? Thirteen are women, the rest men. Thirty are British, 18 are French, 12 are Dutch, eight are Italian and seven are German. Belgium and the US each have six honourees on the list. The rest hail from Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain and Sweden.

Go to the 2016 European Staffing 100 website.