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M2_13_Front_161112.inddany US workers believe their internal communications and training programs need significant improvement.

According to a survey from Rapt Media, only 32% of US employees feel engaged, and 35% feel their companies don’t care about them — as a team member or a person. And 57% of employees feel their leaders are detached from the workforce. Furthermore, 69% of employees said they are open to other opportunities or already seeking their next jobs.


Confident female doctor in front of team, looking at camera smiling, multiracial team with black female doctor

More physicians plan to work as locum tenens.

More physicians plan to work as locum tenens, according to a report by The Physicians Foundation and physician search firm Merritt Hawkins, citing data from a survey of 17,236 active physicians. The survey found 11.5% of physicians plan to work as locum tenens in the next one to three years. That’s up from a similar survey in 2014, when only 9.1% of physicians said the same.


Where the Cyber Jobs Are

Demand is strong for cybersecurity talent in 12 key markets nationwide.

According to Randstad Technologies’ “Cybersecurity Workforce Report,” the key US markets nationwide with strong demand for top-tier, enterprise level cybersecurity talent are: Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago; Dallas; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; New York; Phoenix; San Francisco; Seattle; and Washington, DC.