Getting to the top of the corporate ladder is no easy feat. And women must excel almost to the point of being superhuman to even attempt cracking the glass ceiling. The good news? Some ground has been broken. Let’s take the iconic Fortune 500 list for 2017. The number of women CEOs on that list increased by more than 50% — to 32 from 21. That’s a new record, but 32 is still a dismal 6.4% of the overall list.

Zeroing on our industry, the numbers are better, with our 2017 Staffing 100 list including 22 women, and 10 of the 29 inducted into the first class of the Staffing 100 Hall of Fame. And here we have our third annual Global Power 100 — Women in Staffing list. But there’s still work to be done.

Though the economy has grown, tech advances are contributing to an evolving world of work that is challenging to navigate. These women are making great strides not just in taking their companies forward but in evolving and holding our industry to higher standards. Their stories inspire so many lives in our ecosystem. It is why we believe it is important to publicize and celebrate women.

This list is not a ranking. The women named to it are CEOs, technologists, crusaders, entrepreneurs and recruiters among others. Many have wandered into the industry but embraced the possibilities of promoting and shaping talent. Common threads within these success stories are a serious approach to business coupled with a drive to succeed.

Congratulations to the Global Power 100 — Women in Staffing. This is the third time that we are producing this list, sponsored by Bullhorn.