Ask people in the industry their views on the world of work today. More times than not you will hear the word challenging. Yes, there are other epithets thrown in — exciting, fascinating — but the over-arching premise is that it is an uncertain often turbulent time. Among other things, the level of complexity involved in Brexit is unprecedented and an issue for firms in the European Union when it comes to planning for resources.

Given this milieu, it’s not an easy time today to be in the world of work. So congratulations are in order for those on the 2017 Staffing 100 Europe list. They are the stars, guiding their firms through the twists and turns of a rapidly-changing ecosystem. We salute these torchbearers for making a difference, influencing the world of work in many different ways.

The list, compiled by Staffing Industry Analysts for the fifth time, includes those who have helped shape the development of a market estimated to be worth approximately US $168 billion. It contains attorneys, strategists, reformers, CEOs who have been at the helm of their companies for more than a decade. These individuals are not ranked. The idea is to give our audience an opportunity to view those who have elevated our industry.

Where do these stars come from? Nearly a third (31) are British, followed by 19 French and 12 Dutch. Germany and Italy each contributed seven to this year’s rankings, and America six. The rest hail from Ireland, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Beliz. It’s a truly multicultural blend, reflecting the diversity of staffing markets in Europe. In terms of gender diversity, women gained ground this year, accounting for 15 on the list, as opposed to last year’s 13.

The list is sponsored by Bullhorn.