Starting a new job can feel overwhelming. On top of the nervousness and excitement typically associated with starting a new job, workers are often faced with figuring out their new firms’ facilities, culture and processes — on their own.

The experience can be even more intimidating for temporary employees, who might not know whom to ask to get oriented, and often don’t receive the same level of attention as their full-time counterparts. That said, a good candidate onboarding experience can not only increase employee retention, it can also make employees more productive. Enter Appical, an Amsterdam-based app that is seeking to make the onboarding experience consistent and delightful for all new employees, contingent workers included.

“The reason we started Appical is because we saw a good chunk of employees leaving their companies because they weren’t in touch with the employer’s culture,” says Appical CEO and founder Gerrit Brouwer. “Furthermore, a majority of those were deciding to leave in their very first month on the job. We thought we could fix that.”

Appical is an onboarding application that enables employers to distribute job-related content and information to employees in a collaborative way prior to them starting a job. App content is customized based on the needs of a given role and/or firm, and can include employee handbooks, documents, walkthroughs, videos, calls with the hiring manager or team, and even a virtual “augmented reality” tour of the office. Candidates spend more than nine hours on the app prior to their first day on the job, Brouwer reports. “Appical is really a collaborative tool to make sure new employees know the company and team their first day on the job,” he says.

The firm serves large employers and staffing firms. Clients pay a small fee (capping at about $50) for each candidate who is onboarded through the software. Clients sign up for the service through Appical’s website and create custom onboarding experiences with the help of the Appical team, which can integrate with a firm’s existing ATS or HR IT platform.

While onboarding functionality is a feature of most modern ATSs, and the employee engagement software space is crowded, Appical differentiates itself through its collaboration- focused design and ease of use for candidates. Founded in 2011, the firm has apparently sold all sides on its value proposition, growing revenues more than 350% and recently raising a $15 million series A.

The Buzz

As the war for talent continues to rage, retaining employees has never been so important. Appical provides a 21st-century means to make sure firms get onboarding done right.