Meet the Staffing 100 class of 2018. Innovative and committed to the human capital cause, these honorees are doing what it takes to elevate our ecosystem. Nominated by you, our advisors and the SIA team, these influencers are devoted to improving the human condition — as evidenced by their numerous charitable endeavors. But what drives this diverse, multi-generational group’s devotion? It’s a passion for the world of work, and ultimately putting people to work. Jobs are the cornerstone of an economy.

It gives us great pleasure to draw attention to these stars in our industry. They have worked hard and continue to toil with business models, policy, changing governments, operational efficiencies and the day-to-day grind of running a P&L. They, alongside their teams and companies, have positively affected the lives of thousands, if not millions.

They hail from different quarters of the workforce solutions ecosystem: human cloud firms; VMS, MSP and RPO firms; and staffing gurus from various niches like education, legal, etc. Together with their teams and companies, they have driven the growth of the market, which, in the US, SIA estimates will reach $145.1 billion this year. It’s not easy to measure influence, so this list is not a ranking. We use different criteria to evaluate success, not just financial yardsticks. And we update the list annually to represent our changing industry. If your nominations did not make it to this year’s Staffing 100, don’t give up. There is always next year.

Congratulations to this year’s honorees.