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Trends_180304_SanFranWEBHard-Working Towns

San Francisco named the hardest-working city in the US.

According to personal finance social network Wallet-Hub, San Francisco is the hardest-working city in the US. WalletHub compared the 116 largest cities across nine key metrics ranging from employment rate to average hours worked per week to share of workers with multiple jobs. The Golden Gate City topped the list; two other Bay Area cities, Fremont and Oakland, also rank among the top 10.


Trends_180304_ThankYouWEBAppreciate Them

How to keep employees happy without breaking the bank.

Happy employees are more productive and engaged at work. But many companies still aren’t focused on internal employee satisfaction. Why is that? For starters, we’re all busy. And the thought of needing to budget for yet another expense is off-putting for many organizations. But there are some ways you can show employees that you appreciate them without breaking the bank.

  • Dress code. Casual dress is a perk many people would love to have in the workplace.
  • Professional development. Creating promotable pathways and offering professional development opportunities are instrumental to keeping employees engaged and motivated.
  • Take action. If a number of employees tell you something needs to be improved, whether it’s a process or something as simple as changing the brand of soap in the bathroom, addressing it speaks volumes.
  • Team bonding. Make bonding outside of work a regular part of your culture, such as taking a day to volunteer together.

Source: “4 Ways to Keep Employees Happy Without Breaking the Bank,” The Staffing Stream, by Amber Zeeb, VP of employee experience, Aya Healthcare