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Losing Their Touch

Majority of employers positive about automation, but worry over loss of human element.

A survey by MetLife found that 56% of employers have a positive view of automation technologies that can help them do human jobs, and 49% of workers have a positive view while 24% are pessimistic. However, 51% of employers and 46% of employees worry the workplace is becoming less human.


Trends_1806_SadGradWEBSorry, Grads

US employers plan to hire fewer 2018 grads.

US employers plan to hire 1.3% fewer graduates from the class of 2018, according to the new “Job Outlook 2018 Spring Update” report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. It’s the first projected hiring decrease since 2010, when employers planned to cut hiring for the class of 2010 by 7%.


Trends_1806_DocPhoneWEBBucking Stereotypes

Few millennial doctors find jobs through social media, but networking and referrals still big.

Millennial physicians rarely use social media tools when looking for work, according to a survey of 600 young doctors by healthcare staffing provider CompHealth. Only 1% found employment through social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Doximity. On the other hand, 40% found work through referrals and networking.


Trends_1806_ListeningWEBNow Hear This

Active listening more important than candidates’ skills during interviews.

Listening and asking relevant questions are more important when interviewing than skills, experience and work history, according to a survey of business leaders and decision-makers released by Express Employment Professionals. When asked what most improves a candidate’s chances during the job interview, 21% of business leaders and decision-makers said actively listening and asking relevant questions, while 18% said skills, experience and work history.