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HR Be Nimble

Human resources using more agile talent strategies.

To combat skills and worker shortages, 91% of HR managers have begun adopting more agile talent strategies, according to the 2018 Future Workforce HR Report released by Upwork. The majority, 70%, are already utilizing flexible or contingent talent, including freelancers, temps and agency workers.

In addition, 79% of HR managers surveyed reported their company’s utilization of freelancers has changed over the past three years. Nearly half of companies, 48%, are currently using freelancers — up 43% from 2017 — and four-times more hiring managers expect their usage of freelancers to increase in 2018 than those who expect
it to decrease.

Trends_180708_DiverseWorkplaceWEBMix It Up
Workers prefer working in age-diverse teams.

According to Randstad’s second-quarter Workmonitor survey, 86% of the global respondents said they prefer working in a multigenerational team. However, some struggle with communication — the study reported 31% find it difficult to communicate with coworkers who are from a different age group or generation.

Trends_180708_LearnWEBLearn and Earn
Apprenticeship programs kickstart careers; half of millennials likely to consider one

More than half of millennials, 54%, would consider apprenticeship opportunities in the next two years — significantly more than any other age group, according to the American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor survey. Ninety percent of people familiar with such programs say they have a positive effect on their career.