When we feature the Europe Staffing 100, my team looks for a theme that fits the class. It’s not always easy and sometimes we can’t come up with one word that describes the nominees. But it’s fun trying.

This year, however, our sixth, was a no-brainer. These execs are futurists: Innovative thought leaders with a firm grip on what’s to come in the world of work. And that’s what characterises them as pioneers. Many juggle skilfully — placing one foot in the traditional world of staffing while expanding to other areas of the workforce solutions ecosystem using emerging technology. Some use tech to revamp company operations while others rely on high tech to change company positioning while taking a bet on human cloud trends. The set of requirements needed to succeed in the world of work is changing dramatically.

And in Europe, understanding the local markets and unique characteristics of individual countries is just one vital step in tailoring one’s strategy to meet future trends. Congratulations to the 2018 nominees. They do all this and more. We are delighted to feature them in our annual Europe edition of Staffing Industry Review magazine. We have a stable of SIA experts exploring different trends in our ecosystem. From Executive Director, Global Research, John Nurthen’s article on the $461 billion global staffing industry supporting an increasingly complex ecosystem of suppliers to Director, Strategic Solutions, Europe, Richard Thorne’s recipe for building the right sales organisation in your company, there are many valuable nuggets of information in these pages to help move your company forward..

We hope to see many of the Europe Staffing 100 at our Executive Forum in London on the 27th and 28th of November. This is your opportunity to meet with them. As always, the SIA team is happy to introduce you to these honorees or catch up with you on what’s happening in your neck of the woods and the world of work. Hope to see you there.