Honoring the ecosystem’s professionals is a task we take very seriously.

There’s a reason why we single out the next generation of leaders. As editors, part of our job is to keep the ecosystem informed. And we think that includes helping our readers understand who these people are and how they are affecting the industry. By profiling these up-and-coming leaders in varied segments, the hope is to give you a glimpse of the different strategic directions they are taking — even if it’s not in your space.

The number of nominations that came in — several hundred — was gratifying. It was especially so to see the diversity in job titles and gender. Last year, we received very few nominations for women! This year, we are pleased to say women number 17 on this year’s list, compared with just seven last year.

Given the numbers, of course, most nominees could not be honored, but there is always next year, so please continue to submit your nominations.

We often ask our customers: What’s the most important aspect of any company? There are those who believe it is leadership. In that vein, we give you the second excerpt from a 2019 Executive Forum session based on SIA President Barry Asin’s and Charted Path founder Mike Cleland’s book, Breaking Through: Leadership Disciplines from Top-Performing Staffing Firms, which captured the stories of staffing industry executives whose companies have reached the top-most 1% of US staffing firms.

The first case study presented here is that of ettain group, where CEO Jeffrey Harris tells everyone who comes to work for him that their job is really to help make the person next to them successful. And if they do that, they will be successful, too.

And to help you be successful in your job, we present fresh ideas as well as leave you with new techniques, tools and approaches to turn them into action. Our columnists and team of editors weigh in with their thoughts and advice to make you an effective leader.

I hope you’ll enjoy this issue and find it to be an innovative resource that helps your company be a trailblazer.