Startup investing website states that freelancers will comprise 43% of the US work marketplace by 2020. And according to a 2017 study by Upwork and Freelancers Union, freelance jobs are expected to account for the majority of the American workplace by 2027. In America, as well as globally, freelancing has established a foothold. Job marketplaces for the growing population of gig economy workers are certainly out there, but they present challenges to both sides: They take a cut of earnings, pay rates may be inflexible, and verification of worker credentials is sometimes difficult.

To help solve some of these challenges, Moonlighting — a “freelance jobs marketplace” that connects capable freelancers directly with businesses — was created. Users create a profile with their background, credentials and reviews/ recommendations, which potential employers can view. Being hired and hiring, as well as pre-work and post-work steps in the freelance job process, can all be done on a mobile device or via the company’s website. In addition to online portfolios, Moonlighting also contains other useful SaaS tools like an instant chat feature for direct hire requests, online payments, and invoicing.

Realizing the importance of flexibility to freelancers, and aiming for a more streamlined interface, Moonlighting moved user accounts to the EOSIO blockchain protocol. Now, gig economy workers can “port” their Moonlighting profiles to any participating platform or website, improving consistency and trust. Additionally, blockchain technology enables instant payments. Unlike other freelance platforms, Moonlighting will also be decentralized because of blockchain, reducing the risk of critical user data being tampered with or stolen. Not all data will be copied to the blockchain; rather, it will be secured via hashes that rely on the company’s database for decryption. This enables the company to validate freelancer profiles.

In August, the company scored a big win in partnering with global staffing provider Kelly Services, giving Kelly access to Moonlighting’s independent talent pool and blockchain technology. This signals that large staffing companies are recognizing the modern workforce. With over 725,000 users in the US and Canada, and plans to expand internationally, Moonlighting is one of a host of new internet-based platforms changing the work marketplace. As the market further evolves, it will become evident whether the company is a direct competitor with other platforms or more of an aggregator.

The Buzz

Moonlighting’s marketplace will continue to connect the ever-growing population of gig job seekers with interested employers. With blockchain integration, freelancers may more easily and safely be able to share their verified work profiles, communicate about jobs, and receive instant payment.