I love the Best Staffing Firms to Work For list. It’s a treat to talk to passionate employees, learning about the inner workings of their jobs and what makes them so happy to come to work every day. SIA has been publishing this list for over a decade, and we see time and again the myriad benefits of a good culture — including to the bottom line. And the stories about these workers who are driven to make things happen are poignant.

As are the stories we hear often from contingent workers themselves. Take Lisa Johnson Mitchell’s life story in this issue’s “A Talent’s Voice” column. She writes about how freelancing helped her work through some pretty hard times in her life, providing her with some incredible career opportunities. The chance she took with freelancing — though scary — catapulted her to a whole different level, and she has a pretty nice trophy to prove it.

And it is the internal workers at the staffing firms that help people like Mitchell. This is especially inspiring at a time when there is a serious talent shortage and technology is changing at breakneck speed, impacting how providers do business. Leslie Stevens-Huffman talks about tech trends disrupting the industry, from the “Uberization” of the on-demand workforce to changes in client buying habits to robotic process automation and more. The staffing industry will never again look like it once did as we approach 2025. This is must-read for everyone in the industry. In addition, we have plenty of new ideas and practical counsel from our knowledgeable columnists and SIA editors who wrap the best of our research for your convenience.

Congratulations to the winners and grand prize winners of the Best Staffing Firms to Work For. We do our best to bring our readers ideas and stories that keep your businesses competitive. But everything starts with hiring right. If you have not already done so, participating in The Best Staffing Firms to Work For is a great next step.