The ever-growing gig economy is supported by a host of useful apps and platforms such as Uber, TaskRabbit, Upwork, Fiverr and Instacart. But as many in the gig world know, jobs on any platform can lack the stability that full-time employment provides.

Income can be seasonal or fluctuate dramatically with the hours, weeks or months. Many workers must constantly search for ways to stabilize their cash flow and supplement their income stream with new jobs on other platforms. For some, getting through the ebbs requires the use of debt.

This time spent working gig jobs, searching for new gigs and looking for ways to smooth out income often leaves such individuals with the sense that their life is one big roller coaster. Furthermore, amidst the ups and downs, it can be hard for these folks to get a grip on their financial situations.

Founded in 2017, Steady is a company dedicated to bringing its namesake to people’s earnings. Users of the website/mobile app enter their zip code (it’s only in the US at the moment) and pick their preferences — they can filter by job type (full-time, gigs and part-time), location (distance from the chosen zip code, or working from home), and categories like professional, food and beverage, and delivery. Steady provides a curated list of opportunities in the area and online that meet their needs.

Users can also view a list of “Income Boosters” — partnerships with apps for which Steady offers promotional pay, with an emphasis on financial savings tools and other utilities/services that come in handy for gig workers. For example, Steady will pay a user $10 for signing up with Robinhood, $10 for purchasing a Mint Mobile plan, and $30 for making their first delivery with DoorDash.

Finally, Steady enables users to track their income within its system, reducing the need to manually aggregate earnings and record them in a spreadsheet or earnings tracking app. NBA legend and investor Shaquille O’Neal saw the value in Steady’s model and invested in the company. He now serves as advisor and advocate.

During Covid-19, Steady’s platform has listed a number of high-demand roles like food and package delivery, but the company has offered additional services pertinent to gig economy workers in these volatile times: emergency cash grants to users whose tracked income accounts show a large drop in earnings; free telemedicine for members, spouses and their children up to 24 years of age; and rapid cash deposits available immediately upon completing Steady Income Boosters.

The Buzz

Steady brings some normalcy to the often fast-paced, volatile lives of gig workers. As a one-stop-shop for a variety of curated gig jobs, special savings and discounts on relevant services, income tracking, and special assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic, Steady has clearly shown that the gig worker is its top priority.