While the Covid-19 pandemic makes its retreat in the US, the economy is making a comeback with a booming labor market. The Pride Global MSP and staffing companies — Pride One, Russell Tobin, Pride Health and Pride Now — are seeing client demand exceed anything we’ve ever experienced.

At the same time, this past year of lockdown and disruption has forced everyone to reexamine their priorities. American workers are showing signs of greater selectivity in the jobs they’ll take on, and in the working conditions they find acceptable.

With increased client demand and selective workers, what’s a staffing company to do?

It’s simple: amplify real, human connection.

At Pride Global, we believe that temporary workers want to feel connected to and taken care of by the company that pays them. They want to know there’s a human they can trust behind their timesheet.

Though they may not be showing up to our office every day, these workers should still feel like they’re part of the Pride Global family. And it’s especially critical to establish that connection when, as a provider of employer-of-record services, we’re not involved in the interview stage and are introduced only at the end of the process. Though we may not have placed them in their roles, we want workers to know we’re invested in their success and that we’ll be here as a valuable resource in their careers.

Specifically, that means accelerating the contractor engagement programs we established in the years before the pandemic. Here are some of the strategies we use to engage this “new customer,” the candidate.

Prior to start. The onboarding process can be confusing and even frustrating, depending on the client’s requirements. While workflow automation and electronic portals are great, they should supplement, but not substitute for, human interaction. We believe every hire, from entry-level to senior consultant, appreciates and benefits from a single point of contact who is available for a live conversation and to walk them through the process.

And when you need to onboard a retiree with limited computer skills? It’s no problem at all. We work with each individual to determine the best way to move them through the process while keeping them excited and eager to start all the way up to their first day.

On assignment. Here’s where an effective contractor engagement program really pays dividends. First-week check-in calls, cards on their birthday and anniversary, and on-site visits (remember those?) are all great and important, but that’s only the beginning. We survey our workers regularly to find out how we’re doing and what we can do better. Our approach is to always consider how we can add value and be an asset to their careers, and our solutions are never one-size-fits-all.

For instance, IT contractors love learning about new technologies and trends and networking with others in their field. To admin and clerical workers, the ability to earn additional PTO or get perks may be more compelling. And for light industrial workers, staying in close touch about the conditions of their job and being able to keep them working consistently may be the most valuable services we can offer.

Meanwhile, Pride Global is also working to develop upskilling programs and reimbursement for training based on tenure, which are both valuable to virtually everyone in the current economy.

Offboarding. While temporary assignments must eventually come to an end, our relationship with our contract workers doesn’t have to. Our payrollees and associates in our staffing divisions are given the option to be handed off to the relevant Pride Global division to explore other opportunities and join the talent communities we’re building for our direct source clients.

In today’s tight labor market, candidates expect a work experience that is personal and efficient and will help them grow. Social media amplifles their voices, giving them the power to attract more quality talent to your brand — or warn others to stay away. Thus, it’s more important than ever to create positive worker experiences. We believe forming long-lasting, beneficial relationships with our candidates through authentic human interaction is what makes us stand out to our clients and workers alike.