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Amy Bingham is managing partner of Bingham Consulting Professionals LLC. She can be reached at abingham (at) binghamcp (dot) com.

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112, 2014

The Hustle: IT Recruiting Trends

By |December 1st, 2014|

Lightning demand for emerging tech skills is challenging the conventional recruitment approach of IT staffing firms
If you’re in IT staffing, you know well that requirements (that’s “tech talk” for job orders) are easier to come by than candidates; that’s been the case for years. In the race to beat everyone else to market with the […]

105, 2014

Power Seller: Dropping the Ball

By |May 1st, 2014|

This morning at the gym, three of the five people in my line of sight were looking down at their phones doing who knows what — trolling Facebook, reading email, texting. What they weren’t doing was working out. Using this sample, 60 percent of the people who are getting up at o-dark-thirty with the best […]

112, 2013

Get the Basics Down

By |December 1st, 2013|

Then release upgrades to keep you strategic plan fresh, user friendly

Strategic planning is necessary but often put off, like upgrading your firm’s technology when it no longer meets your needs. It’s often just easier to immerse yourself in the day-to-day tactical business of running your firm. Securing as many job orders as possible and filling […]

102, 2013

Link Face to Face

By |February 1st, 2013|

After years of training and coaching, I’ve come to understand that many people are just plain afraid of face-to-face networking — and have different perceptions on what networking is. So when I train staffing professionals in effective networking, I start out by defining what it isn’t: It isn’t selling. It isn’t using people strictly for […]