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Jim Lanzalotto is senior vice president, staffing & health care verticals at Monster Worldwide.

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108, 2016

Sponsored Content: Recruiting in the Age of Automation

By |August 1st, 2016|

For the past decade, technology has been moving at lightning speed. New products are enabling global firms to innovate and do business at a pace that is both exciting and challenging. This creates new opportunities for workforce planning, as well as talent sourcing and acquisition. As what the World Economic Forum has dubbed “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” picks up […]

110, 2013

Perspective: Revolution and Evolution

By |October 1st, 2013|

The industry stands at an energizing crossroad
The staffing industry is in the midst of a 25-year business cycle that began with the adoption of Internet tools that have transformed the industry and will end with dramatic, yet subtle changes in the ways staffing firms interact with customers — hiring managers, gatekeepers, supply chains, current consultants […]

103, 2013

A Perfect Balance

By |March 1st, 2013|

Sales and marketing teams are only effective when they work in harmony
For as long as there have been marketing and sales teams, there have been debates about the roles performed by people who work in them.

There’s the academic perspective. Philip Kotler, the esteemed Northwestern professor, says marketing is the process by which an organization relates […]

2304, 2012

Beyond the Cool Factor: Best practices for social media campaigns in staffing

By |April 23rd, 2012|

Social media has become an intriguing topic for many businesses, and those in the staffing industry are no different.

Curiosity among company leaders is rising rapidly and marketing and sales folks have been cajoling and prodding their bosses for resources to test ways to apply a wide variety of social technologies to  their business.

There’s one significant […]