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1510, 2015

2015 Staffing 100 Europe

By , , , , and |October 15th, 2015|

This year’s European Staffing 100 comprises those who have helped shape an approximately €133 billion market (temp and perm). Staffing Industry Analysts’ third annual list (the second in Staffing Industry Review) is a multicultural medley reflecting the diversity of staffing markets in Europe. The list is in alphabetical order (by surname).

It’s not easy to measure […]

110, 2015

High-Speed Track

By |October 1st, 2015|

Meet this year’s fastest-growing staffing firms

The 2015 annual list of fastest-growing staffing firms is the largest such list Staffing Industry Analysts has ever compiled, with 102 firms posting compound average growth rate for revenue of more than 15% from 2010 to 2014. Loyal Source, based in Orlando, Fla., topped the list with a CAGR of […]

107, 2015

¡Hola Latin America!

By |July 1st, 2015|

The region can provide myriad opportunities, but understand the market before expanding.

Research by Staffing Industry Analysts indicates of the large firms that use staffing services, 12% plan to expand their contingent workforces in South America in the next several years. That compares to 10% in Western Europe and 13% in Asia Pacific.

When buyers are moving […]

106, 2015

Stay in the Loop

By |June 1st, 2015|

At the dawn of the staffing industry, staffing firms had few legal issues to worry about, but employment law has grown so much it is now a significant burden on every staffing firm. However, handling employment law issues for clients contributes greatly to the value staffing firms deliver. Here is a round-up of some current […]

105, 2015

The RPO Twist

By |May 1st, 2015|

Like most business process outsourcing endeavors, early adopters of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) sought cost savings and solutions to some of their biggest hiring challenges. And since clients were scarce, nascent providers were willing to create unique models to address each customer’s needs.

As the industry’s customer base expanded, so have its wish lists. Amid a […]

103, 2012

Give Them Carrots

By |March 1st, 2012|

Chester Elton makes worker appreciation fun and profitable
It’s a status that many covet. But not all companies can be a best place to work for. And that’s Chester Elton’s shtick. He helps businesses create a workplace where people are proud to show up every day. Google, Zappos.com and Boston Consulting Group are the poster children […]

2712, 2011

Happy Clients = $$$

By |December 27th, 2011|

The Epitec Group’s service mantra ensures satisfied customers
The Epitec Group takes its commitment to customers seriously. A few years ago, a large telecommunications firm offered Epitec an opportunity to do business. However, Epitec felt it was not set up at the time to deliver appropriately and turned the customer down.

The deal would have been a […]