Buyer Reality

2205, 2012

Straight Talk From the Customer: Beyond Savings

By |May 22nd, 2012|

As the director of agency contractor services for Hewlett-Packard, I am contacted almost daily by providers of contingent labor. It’s a challenging market for suppliers trying to get on our supplier lists, as companies such as ours look to reduce our supply base and develop more strategic partnerships with our suppliers.

But what does that mean? […]

2304, 2012

Straight Talk from the Customer: Suppliers can benefit from tracking their numbers

By |April 23rd, 2012|

Pepsico, like many other companies, utilizes scorecards to gauge our suppliers’ performance. The scorecards also helped us determine how to structure our tiered system of preferred suppliers within our managed service program (MSP).

As a category manager, I looked at the scorecard to show me how much effort a supplier was putting into filling jobs for […]

2903, 2012

Straight Talk from the Customer: Your Significant Other

By |March 29th, 2012|

When contingent workforce managers seek out VMS or MSP partners, we look for specific qualities. We are looking for a provider who knows more than we do, whose company culture melds with ours, and who has the resources to get it all done. It helps when a vendor understands what is at stake and works […]