When I heard there was a new ATS solution being launched recently at Staffing World in Orlando, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Is there really anything more to innovate within the tried and true ATS model? Apparently so.

Recruiting Robotics

While the name LeoForce is a bit mysterious, the term of trade “recruiting robotics” may seem a bit scary. But it’s not, and it’s not what it might imply. While LeoForce has a range of up-to-date/progressive sourcing and recruiting capabilities, recruiting robotics is what seems to differentiate LeoForce from the field of other ATS solutions today.

According to the company, LeoForce is a cloud-based (SaaS) recruiting solution that automates a recruiting professionals’ day-to-day tasks, using patent-pending advanced algorithms and the latest in artificial intelligence to quickly identify, organize, and contact qualified candidates.

The company reports that while LeoForce automates sourcing, applicant tracking and social recruiting (as one might expect of a modern ATS), the star of LeoForce is Arya, the recruiting robot that tracks, records and repeats recruiters’ behavioral patterns that lead to placements. LeoForce Arya also can perform portions of the recruiting process — such as initial qualification and collaboration — without the recruiter needing to be involved.

“Arya finds talent through intelligence that actually learns from your best recruiters, remembers and repeats success,” says Madhu Modugu, LeoForce founder and chief technical officer. “While Arya is at work, LeoForce collects and analyzes a tremendous amount of data that would otherwise be retained only at the hand of the recruiter. By weighing key data like sourcing criteria, internal data (what worked before, user-provided information and that from your own talent database) and external data from search engines, LinkedIn, job boards and the open Web. Then, LeoForce dynamically prioritizes search criteria until it reaches the desired outcome.” That means recruiters can spend less time sifting through résumés and more time on relationships and revenue.

The Buzz

Most of the few, new entrants into the recruitment software space in the past couple of years have been technology upgrades of traditional ATS models. LeoForce, however, seems to be bringing some serious innovation to this software segment. The algorithmic capability to gather behavioral metadata about what the most successful recruiters do is already innovative. The capability to use what is learned (and convert that into recruitment processes that can be executed via robot) takes the innovation even further.

An old dog can learn new tricks.