Scout Exchange LLC, launched early 2013, is having significant effect on the way that enterprise permanent placements are being made through third-party recruiters.

The staffing segment of third-party recruiting is highly fragmented, with enterprises having to navigate many thousands of small, third-party firms, sole proprietors, and contract recruiters, often with limited information about them. Conversely, third-party recruiters have had to figure out how to find the job reqs that they are best able to fill. That’s where Scout Exchange comes in.

It is an online platform that uses advanced data analytics and algorithms to find the best matches between specific job reqs from enterprise and specific third-party recruiters (i.e., the recruiter that will be most capable and best positioned to fill the particular opening).

Today, Scout Exchange is processing a growing volume of transactions across its digital platform which integrates the major enterprise ATS/TMS systems, Taleo and Kenexa (on the one side) and the major staffing/third-party recruiter systems Bullhorn, Sendouts, and PCRecruiter (on the other side).

President and Founder Sean Bisceglia reports that Scout Exchange currently serves 18 large global enterprises and about 700 third-party recruiting businesses (accounting for more than 5,000 recruiters), and this is growing.

“We’re solving challenges that have existed for third party and corporate recruiters for decades and doing it within the systems they already use,” Bisceglia says.

In half of the companies Scout serves, it was procurement (rather than HR) that was interested in the solution. Scout Exchange is not a VMS, but it can play a similarly significant role in innovatively reorganizing supplier relationships.

The Buzz

Since the advent of job boards, technology-driven change in the “permanent hire” staffing supply chain has been gradual. But now Scout Exchange is on a mission to pick up the pace by applying new technology in new ways.