How staffing firms and clients can ensure success through the right environment

As American society advances, utilizing new technology and adapting to the true potential of Generation Y, there has been a call for a type of reformation of the working class. These days, many professions outside of the service industry prioritize fiscal efficiency over traditional labor practices in order to appeal to their clientele. Securing workplace proficiency usually means an employee balances project oversights, cross training and networking with counterparts at other companies with daily tasks and office procedures. With this mindset, companies have buckled down on the hiring process in order to find employees who not only show promise in doing their job well, but also contribute to the company’s environment and longevity.

Upon graduating from college with dreams of becoming a writer, securing a career proved a bit of a challenge. Through a staffing agency, I quickly secured an administrative assistant position about a year ago with School Facilities Consultants, a small, private firm that specializes in consulting with school districts about using state funding to construct or upgrade school buildings and edifices. The position was temporary and part-time, with “room to grow in the future.” While far from my ideal career, it was an opportunity I felt that I would learn a lot from.

It is important for both the staffing agency and the hiring client to practice open forms of communication. My staffing director was helpful in detailing the needs of School Facility Consultants and was always available via phone or email when I needed more information or assistance. Furthermore, my direct supervisor and the client site encouraged open communication between her and the staffing firm. Coming into the job with that mindset allowed me to see the positive impact of open communication in and between the workplace. I cannot imagine how stressful my first few weeks would have been without this type of reinforcement. With cross training, project oversight and company growth on the line, continuously training temps can be a time-consuming process. It is important for staffing firms and their clients to work in tandem to provide a nurturing and open environment for the temp worker, thereby creating a win-win-win scenario.

I would take it a step further and say clients should encourage their other employees to do their part in creating a warm environment for the temp worker. With a staff of less than 15 personnel, it was daunting for me to initiate conversation with my co-workers when I first started the assignment. It was not until I received some encouragement from the other administrative assistant that I started intermingling with the people I saw daily.

A productive street works both ways, and having a warm office environment is fundamental in setting up a temp worker for success. I have seen other temp workers, who started after I did, whose confidence and overall productivity increased after realizing that “Joe” from the research analyst team has a tougher demeanor than expected and has a fondness for sweets, or “Clara” from the consulting team comes off a bit extreme, but is just passionate about her work and streaming preferences. A company that encourages taking time to understand each other is one that ensures its longevity.

My time here has enabled me to gain experience and connections that I will never forget. Coming in as a temp worker was also a blessing because it gave me a perspective entering this career field that I would not have gotten any other way. I have truly grown as a professional and as a person because my staffing agency, hiring client and coworkers took time to set the right temperature and environment to bring out the strong worker in me.