For years, staffing executives have read about “big data” and wondered, “but what does it actually do for me?!” A recruitment analytics firm, HIRABL, allows the staffing industry to be more profitable, helping recruiters turn idle data into dollars for their clients along with helping agencies worldwide improve compliance. The company was founded in 2015. Recruiters are justifiably unhappy and out of pocket when candidates introduced by the agency are hired by the client without a fee being paid. This so-called “back door” hiring, as well as unreported temp to perm conversion fees, costs agencies billions of dollars annually. HIRABL’s software empowers recruiters to put their data to work, eliminating blind spots for agencies and identifying fees.

Staffing firms can also now track previously placed candidates for job changes so they can “backfill” their old position and follow these candidates into other growing firms. They can also now track hiring manager movements to preserve existing client relationships, and open a new book of business at the hiring manager’s new employer.

HIRABL software relies on patented algorithms that use Bayesian network analysis and machine learning techniques. It compares 11 million candidate submissions against 80 million online profiles, and seamlessly integrates with leading applicant tracking system software providers and a dozen other leading customer relationship management software providers.
To date, HIRABL has identified nearly £50 million (US$65 million) in opportunity for their 120-plus staffing agency clients worldwide. The company’s number of clients has grown 200% since inception.

“HIRABL offers an incredible ROI,” states Bill Kasko, CEO of Frontline Search Group in the United States. “The chance to recoup lost money, identify hot leads, and painlessly keep tabs on past contacts are just a few reasons why we partnered with HIRABL.”

The Buzz

A new niche has been identified. HIRABL’s software joins the dots between CRM data and social networks, eliminating blind spots for agencies by helping recruiters unlock new opportunities and achieve new business revenue goals.