Welcome to the 2017 Staffing 100. We have several new entrants to the list and profiling these leaders reveals how the workforce solutions ecosystem has evolved. Yes, we call it the Staffing 100 list, but we have a host of executives whose companies reflect the world of work: recruitment process outsourcing, MSP and VMS providers and online staffing platforms, just to name a few.

Being a great leader is more than paying attention to your P&L. It is competing, pushing the boundaries of excellence, innovating and inspiring others — including your customers — to go beyond traditional models of staffing.

The Staffing 100 luminaries do all this and more to earn their spots on the list. In 2017, Staffing Industry Analysts predicts 4% growth and projects the US temp staffing market to generate a record $125 billion. In the process of producing revenue, the Staffing 100 honorees will continue to break records, create new models of work, place people in jobs, help legislate and move the world of work forward.

The list is not a ranking. These individuals are listed alphabetically by surname and have been nominated by you and the workforce solutions ecosystem. Congratulations.

The North America Staffing 100

*Any references to company size or rank are based on Staffing Industry Analysts’ annual lists, unless otherwise noted.