What if you knew someone was poking around the Internet looking at information about specific companies, networking with others for exposure to new opportunities?

That they were updating their professional image online, connecting with recruiters, following or looking at career-related content, and a slew of other things passive job seekers do on their lunch breaks or over a cup of morning coffee?

An executive recruiter tracking 200 to 300 key executives per year could probably monitor these people’s behaviors using some savvy Internet research techniques and gain a competitive advantage in timing when to contact them with a new opportunity. But if you wanted to do this for 300 million people, or more, it would be impossible without data science and machine learning.

Enter Joberate, a startup that allows companies to find top talent quickly and effectively by measuring live job-seeking activities of the global workforce. It has created a lot of buzz after commercializing a technology platform that enables recruiters to improve time to fill by as much as 70% and experience candidate outreach-to-interview conversion ratios nearing 90%. Joberate is a global platform of proprietary people metadata. It brings together the publicly available yet disparate information about people — their life events, career-oriented attributes and a host of other data — and creates one structured profile for each person, which it then enriches with proprietary metadata including the company’s patent-pending J-Score, and makes all this information searchable.

In simple terms, “Joberate helps organizations convert unique people analytics and insights into rewarding opportunities, and big profits,” says Michael Beygelman, Joberate CEO.

The company’s unique approach of integrating a proprietary talent search engine and award-winning analytics platform is similar to how Google began to dominate the market in the early 2000s. “It’s humbling how people have compared us to FICO, Google, and a host of other amazing companies. If we only achieved a fraction of their positive impact on society, we’d consider Joberate a success,” Beygelman adds.

The Buzz

Joberate enables recruiters to find talent with laser-like precision and contact people with one click.