It’s been a feat of some sort for Staffing Industry Analysts. In 2015, we rolled out our inaugural Women in Staffing list comprising 100 women across the globe. Three years later, we have compiled the same list, but with 150 women worldwide.

Women account for 58% of the American workforce, according to the US Department of Labor, but they are significantly outnumbered when it comes to leadership positions at top companies. Our industry is not that different. While women dominate the industry at the branch-office level, these numbers are not reflected in our C-suites. For instance, our 2018 Staffing 100 hovers at about 20% women — as it had 20 women on it in 2018, while our 2017 list included 22.

There’s obviously more to be done. And efforts are being made in different quarters. Recently, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill requiring publicly held companies headquartered in the Golden State to have at least one woman on their boards by the end of next year — a first in the nation. The bill had been opposed by business groups arguing that imposing quotas would likely be unconstitutional.

The fight continues. But what was heart-warming was the several hundred nominations we received from our readers for this list. This was the reason that we now give you Global Power 150, comprising 100 women leaders from the Americas and 50 from other parts of the globe.

At our end, we want the narrative to celebrate those women, some established, others up and coming, who are influencing a rapidly evolving world of work. These women have not just elevated the industry but have helped shape a $461 billion global staffing industry (based on 2017 revenue) by introducing new models of work.

The 2018 Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing list is sponsored by Bullhorn. It’s not a ranking. The women named to the list are all seasoned, savvy professionals well aware of the impact of technology on our industry and working hard to move staffing forward. Their antecedents are varied — some started as temps, others in totally different disciplines — but they came to the industry motivated by a drive to succeed while placing people in jobs.

Go to the 2018 Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing website.