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Analyzing Salaries

What staffing firms pay staff by role, experience, segment and company size.

Median base salary is $45,000 for recruiters with three to five years’ experience at US staffing firms. Looking at recruiters by skill segment served, those at education staffing operations posted the highest median base salary at $58,000. Marketing/creative recruiters had the second-highest at $50,000.

SIA’s online estimator tool comprises estimated compensation data from staffing CEOs to salespeople and can be viewed by years of experience, staffing segment, job title and company size. Its purpose is to enable staffing firms to compare internal employees’ base salary, bonus/commission/incentive pay and total cash compensation with other firms’.

AC_190506_WageBarWages Drive Growth

Increasing wages for temps push industry revenue to new heights.

The US staffing industry is projected to reach a record $153.5 billion this year from a recession-low of $83.2 billion in 2009.

Significant increases in pay rates and bill rates across a wide range of occupations and industries, prompted by either minimum wage hikes or competition between employers for talent, is a more significant driver of expansion than growth in volume in some staffing segments.

AC_190506_HelpSilLead Well

Transparency and frequent communication among keys to establishing trust.

Nearly 11,000 internal employees who took part in SIA’s Best Staffing Firms to Work For survey were asked: “How do effective eaders within your organization build trust with employees?” and, “If you were a senior leader, what would you do to build trust with employees?” Emerging themes include being caring and mentoring, being fair and discreet, leading by example and trusting your staff.