Get Stacked

Tools at the modern staffing firm’s disposal

The typical staffing firm technology toolbox, or “tech stack,” encompasses the front, middle and back office. But there’s so much more they can tap into, from reporting solutions to communication tools.

SIA’s Staffing Company Tech Stack report creates a framework to understand the context and nature of the staffing company tech stack, looking at the current position as it relates to solutions available today to grow and differentiate your business, as well as the main considerations in implementing these solutions.

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The Right Pay

Benchmark pay rates across the US

Pay rates can vary significantly depending on region and skill set. The US Pay Rate Rangefinder report enables staffing firms, workforce solutions providers, and employers to benchmark their pay rates for occupations against local, state and national wage data. The interactive tool contains data on more than 800 detailed occupations across all US states and metropolitan areas.

Source: “US Pay Rate Rangefinder: 2019 Edition

The Big Picture

RPO matures into a robust service offering

Estimated at $5.4 billion globally in 2018, the recruitment process outsourcing market grew 27% from SIA’s previous estimate in 2016. Despite a softer economic backdrop, we expect to see double-digit growth to continue as low unemployment and the demand for skilled workers remain factors. This report provides a comprehensive picture of the global RPO market and landscape — providers now offer a range of additional consulting services including workforce planning, diversity and inclusion, employer branding and communication, and technology implementation.

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