Outlining Occupations

The fine details of software development roles

IT staffing occupations are increasingly specialized, including that of the software developer. From employment trends to applicable programming languages to demand drivers, a new report by SIA profiles IT occupations. Staffing firms looking to position themselves for growth can use this report to target the most commercially attractive software developer skill sets today.

Source: “IT Staffing Occupation Profile: Software Developer

Here’s My Advice

Industry professionals share words of wisdom

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; embrace what you learn from them. And be patient; success does not come instantly. Those are among sage pieces of advice — ranging from tactical to attitude — staffing industry professionals would share with new employees, as reported in an SIA survey.

Source: “North America Internal Staff Survey 2020: Advice to new employees, mistakes to avoid, how to succeed

 TTA Boom Ahead

Prepare your firm to grasp this line of service

While less than 10% of buyers currently manage a total talent acquisition program, 64% plan to seriously explore TTA in the next two years. Staffing firms interested in pursuing this line of service can use a new report by SIA to understand CW program needs and what actions other providers are taking in this space.

Source: “Total Talent Acquisition Developments Summary