Strategic. Innovative. Wanting to make a difference both for their communities and the world. Competitive but not at the expense of their team.

These are just few of the admirable traits that make up the 2020 class of 40 Under 40.

We are in unprecedented times. As of this writing, unemployment claims in the US alone exceeded 20 million in four weeks. The workforce has been impacted in ways not seen since the Great Depression. Yet as we brace ourselves to tackle what lies ahead for an industry that places people in jobs, one thing is crystal clear: We need leaders and innovators to navigate this crisis.

In the interest of total transparency, these honorees were selected before Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders across the US came into effect. But this next generation of staffing leaders, who already earned enough respect to garner nominations for this list, have since been proving they have the mettle necessary to help us navigate the new normal. These 40 professionals exemplify passion, integrity, creativity, and the perseverance that is needed to connect people to new opportunities amid Covid-19 and beyond. They have chosen varied career paths to get here, some starting out right after college, while others came from other careers — sales, investment banking, law, nursing, software development — but what is striking is their commitment to putting people first.

In the following pages, we profile these trailblazers who are making their mark in a space that has changed dramatically from just at the start of the year. This list is not a ranking but a shout-out to those who are doing their bit to take the industry forward. With hundreds of nominations flooding in, it was not possible to place everyone recommended. The list does not include vendors to the ecosystem or buyers of staffing services.

Congratulations to the 40 under 40, profiled online at