In the growing space of on-demand gig work platforms, SIA has started to see more and more specialized marketplaces enter the ecosystem. One such company is One Circle HR, which connects companies with HR experts from all around the world. Founded in 2019, it already has a global reach of consultants.

According to founder Emma El-Karout, One Circle’s mission is to “connect HR experts with those who need objective HR expertise anywhere in the world … in a cost-effective, on-demand way.” Having a tech platform is just one part of the equation though, and One Circle understands this. “We are more than a freelance platform,” El-Karout says. “We are creating a community of real people with deep HR expertise.” Most consultants who join the platform are senior-level specialists with a passion for applying HR best practices. One Circle charges the HR specialists 15% of their earnings through the platform. The appeal to this fold of professionals is that it is not a traditional 9-to-5 work model — it enables them to work on high-impact tailored solutions while maintaining the freedom of making their own schedule.

With the ubiquitous Covid-19 lockdowns, many businesses began to embrace remote work and engagement, but there are still many kinks to iron out in the process. One Circle has been taking steps toward innovating this process and bridging the many gaps in what businesses have grown to expect. One such effort is “The Yellow Room,” which enables clients to gather online and have focused roundtable discussions around various business topics. “Sometimes business leaders just need a sounding-board partner to brainstorm,” El-Karout says.

Having the entire client-consultant exchange virtualized also means that businesses can easily get diverse expertise and fresh ideas from all backgrounds and walks of life. And because of the platform, this can all be done effortlessly, and in real time.

The Buzz

One Circle HR enables consultants to do what they love while still having the flexibility to enjoy life. Meanwhile, companies big and small have access to global expert HR consulting on demand without paying the big bucks.