We all experience the world of work differently, but the reality is that the pandemic has seen the global economy plunge into a recession that is likely to get worse.

These circumstances have been tumultuous for the staffing industry as client companies tighten their belts and put pressure on their providers. In these bleak times, it gives me great pleasure to announce the 2020 Europe Staffing 100 list. Not only are these honorees leading their firms through Covid-19 while focusing on financial success, they are also dedicated to the well-being of their internal staff and contingent workers.

And it takes a lot to do that. Covid-19 has altered the world of work as we know it, ushering in developments such as remote work, working from home, Zoom meetings, return-to-office protocols, worker safety, virtual conferences et al. These trends are here to stay, along with an emphasis on a workforce that truly reflects the demographics of a global industry. These men and women are at the forefront of these many trends, including using technology to fuel growth both for their firms and their customers yet keeping the human aspect of work top of mind.

We are not ranking these individuals. It’s about honouring those who have made a difference in some way to the way we work today and will in the future. They have helped shape an approximately €172 billion market (temp and perm). Staffing Industry Review’s seventh annual list is a multicultural medley reflecting the diversity of staffing markets in Europe. The list is in alphabetical order by surname.

By showcasing those who are taking the industry forward while maintaining the delicate balance among its many moving parts, we draw attention to the future of work, part of SIA’s mission. Congratulations to the 2020 Staffing 100 Europe honourees.