The Ratings Effect

Candidates respond to firms’ engagement efforts.

activities such as responding to negative reviews, providing contact information, etc.) the more they benefit in terms of recruiting. In terms of sales, however, even a high degree of engagement on ratings sites produced only mildly positive benefits.

Source: “North America Staffing Company Survey 2020: Do staffing firms benefit from engaging with online rating websites?”

Big Appetites

The larger the firm, the more likely to acquire.

In the last three years, just 11% of firms $10 million in revenue or smaller did an acquisition. Acquisition frequency increases at every revenue increment; up to 59% of firms with more than $250 million have done at least one acquisition.

Source: “North America Staffing Company Survey 2020: Mergers & acquisitions: Multiples paid, activity volume, best practices

Legal Landscape

Three legislative issues dominate staffing execs’ concerns.

Immigration issues, such as limitations on H-1B visas, were the most frequently cited concern by US staffing execs. They also noted time off in various forms — mandatory sick leave (time off for illness), PTO, and family leave — as well as liability related to Covid-19 as areas of concern.

Source: “Global Staffing Company Survey 2020: Concerns about current and upcoming legislation