Women fare better at commercial firms

The representation of women at the executive and board level is modestly higher at commercial staffing firms than at IT and healthcare staffing firms; women also comprise a greater share of internal staff at commercial staffing firms. SIA defines commercial staffing firms as those that supply office/clerical and light industrial workers. Women accounted for 46% of executive-level roles at commercial staffing firms at the median, compared with 36% at staffing firms that supplied IT and healthcare workers.

Source: Women in Leadership in the US Staffing Industry

On the Rebound

Staffing industry revenue to reach new heights this year.

Each segment of the staffing industry is expected to benefit from a V-shaped recovery from pandemic-beleaguered 2020, with the industry overall reaching a record $157.4 billion. Rising pay rates are playing a significant role in the growth, particularly in industrial and travel nurse staffing.

Source: US Staffing Industry Forecast: September 2021 Update

A Wider Net

Remote work broadens recruiting horizons.

As staffing firms become more receptive to remote work for their own internal employees since the pandemic, more than 60% will be less restricted by geography in their hiring practices. Only 13% said they are not more receptive to remote work, and another 26% said they are more receptive but don’t expect to change their hiring practices.

Source: North America Staffing Company Survey 2021: Initial Findings