The last few years have been turbulent ones for the staffing industry. This tempest might have followed a long period of stability, but we are now looking at a volatile and uncertain 2023. A difficult economic environment and the war in Ukraine have aggravated a talent shortage that has been especially challenging for staffing companies. Today’s talent has big expectations, prompting the industry to alter and adjust perceptions of how contingent workers should be viewed and treated. Leading the way on this front — while creating and providing jobs in this tumultuous period — are the honorees of the 2022 Staffing 100 Europe list.

Congratulations to this bold and dynamic group. These leaders have fueled their companies’ growth through expanded geographic footprints, service offerings, digital strategies and more. At the same time, they have ensured that their communities are being served through mentorship programmes for disadvantaged groups, support for youth services, vocational training programs and philanthropic endeavours.

Service aside, many in this group have represented and advocated for the industry at the legislative level, helping to shape labour market policy. As the market struggles with labour shortages across segments, these leaders have taken a proactive approach to training and mentoring talent to bolster their ­ rms’ talent pools while providing clients with much-needed workers to provide goods and services and meet their organisational goals. This list contains CEOs, strategists, technologists, lawyers, operations experts — men and women passionate about the industry, committed to improving the lives of both their internal staff and the talent they place. In the EMEA region, they have helped shape the development of a €206 billion market.

This list — sponsored by Bullhorn — is not a ranking. It’s about honouring those who have made a difference to the way we work today and will in the future. The list is in alphabetical order (by surname). Congratulations to the 2022 Staffing 100 Europe honourees. Enjoy reading about their accomplishments in this feature. The pro­ les can be also viewed online at si100europe.