Recruiting Challenge

Recruiting difficulty among respondents to SIA’s Pulse Survey decreased to a level of 3.49 in August from 3.72 in June; recruiting difficulty was particularly high for firms serving the manufacturing industry at 4.35. By staffing focus, the industrial and office/clerical segments were also relatively high at 4.04 and 4.00, respectively. Meanwhile, recruiting qualified talent was the dominant response to SIA’s open-ended question of respondents, “What is the biggest challenge that your staffing firm is currently facing?”

Source: US Staffing Industry Pulse Survey Report: September 2022 Selected Highlights

Hit or Miss

Average satisfaction scores among staffing firms that build their own front- and back-office systems are comparable with those of external vendors, while NPS scores of proprietary systems are better. Digging deeper, though, reveals a more complicated tale: Respondent ratings for proprietary systems were twice as likely to be very high or very low. In other words, building your own system carries greater risk. z

Source: Global Staffing Company Survey 2022: Front-office and back-office software

Online Kings

Job aggregators and social media firms are online job advertising leaders, with 28% and just under 27% of market share, respectively — both leaving traditional job boards at a seemingly distant third, with 20%. However, both of these segments benefit from the inclusion of the two largest players who dominate these categories. Excluding job aggregator Indeed, with 24.7% market share, and social media firm LinkedIn, with 24%, the traditional job board model still dominates the market.

Source: Online Job Advertising: 2022 Market Update