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Kay Colson is =VP, service delivery, Texas Children's Hospital, Kinetix. She can be reached at kcolson (at) kinetixhr (dot) com.

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106, 2015

Expert’s Corner: Don’t Be an Invisible Recruiter

By |June 1st, 2015|

What makes any recruiter successful? What gives you the edge to become part of the elite? Or looking at this question from a different angle: What are you missing that is holding you back?

While recruiters must find talent, that’s not the most critical dimension of the job. The real skill is in getting talent to […]

106, 2014

The Great Convergence: MSP and RPO models coming together?

By |June 1st, 2014|

By Kay Colson

For years, solution providers have been offering both employee and non-employee search services. There has been much talk about one powerful integrated talent acquisition solution. A few buyers have embraced it; but thus far, not enough have done so for it to be considered a major trend in how companies find and engage […]

109, 2013

Expert’s Corner: Changing directions

By |September 1st, 2013|

Be prepared to fill clients’ unexpected needs even if it means altering your pitch
I recently accompanied representatives of a well-established staffing company on a call to pitch a new solution to an existing client. A great deal of effort had been devoted to preparing the presentation in order to articulate the value proposition and leverage […]

105, 2013

Are You Ready to Launch?

By |May 1st, 2013|

Make sure you go in with eyes wide open, big bucks and a meticulous plan detailing the best and worst outcomes before offering RPO
After more than 10 years in the game, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) has fully matured and is here to stay. Staffing suppliers are offering and clients are buying all types of RPO, […]

2712, 2011

Power Seller: Winning the Deal

By |December 27th, 2011|

Every savvy sales person knows that winning a deal starts with getting the client’s attention, establishing a connection and listening to understand what the client really needs … then crafting a strategy to align your product with their needs to define a winning solution. Once the solution begins to take shape, you can actually start […]