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Stacie Habegger is the chief sales officer for ActOne Group. She can be reached at shabegger (at) ain1 (dot) com.

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1905, 2020

The New Customer: Navigating the Crisis

By |May 19th, 2020|

How an organization responds in a time of crisis defines their worldview and shapes their message of employee value moving forward. At no time is this more evident than now. Talent — contingent and full-time employees — are watching to see how they and their peers are being treated.

The employment industry inherently focuses on the […]

2903, 2012

Power Seller: Huddle Up

By |March 29th, 2012|

It takes dedication to build a winning team
Let’s face it — every sales veteran has a story about “the one that got away.” We’ve all heard the stories: a tragic tale of personal investment in relationship building, a carefully crafted strategy, and countless presentations that end in a bitter defeat. In these scenarios, the salesperson […]