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Ursula Williams is chief operating officer of Staffing Industry Analysts. She can be reached at uwilliams (at) staffingindustry (dot) com.

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2007, 2021

SIA Musings: The Industry Returns

By |July 20th, 2021|

Welcome to the summer of 2021. We have turned the pandemic corner. Over half of the US population is vaccinated and on the move. For the first time since March 2020, the US Transportation Security Administration recently recorded more than 2 million screens in a single day. And data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

2307, 2019

SIA Musings: Fall Forward

By |July 23rd, 2019|

Last month, I attended my daughter’s college commencement, which happened to be at the halfway mark of my company’s financial year — as well as the point when I typically initiate an assessment of the progress my team and I are making toward our annual goals.

Typically, this assessment time means a course correction for the […]

2208, 2018

Perspective: Bring It Home

By |August 22nd, 2018|

It seems like just yesterday you were enjoying a successful 2017, proudly and confidently presenting your 2018 goals. But now it’s already well into the third quarter, and you need to know how you are doing against those goals. This business is extremely goals driven. But even overachievers find they set their sights a bit […]

109, 2016

They Have Options

By |September 1st, 2016|

One might think that by its title, this article refers to clients or candidates. But no, I’m talking about your internal workers — those people you recruited, trained and entrusted your business to. Those who, over the years, formed very close business relationships with you, your customers, candidates and competitors in your ecosystem.

They are the […]