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1609, 2023

TECH + JOBS: AI more likely to augment jobs than destroy them

By |September 16th, 2023|

We highlight tech trends and developments that impact the world of work.

1807, 2023

Tech + Jobs: Workers confess to using social media at work

By |July 18th, 2023|

Nearly half of workers, 46%, admitted to spending up to four hours a day during working hours on social media for personal use, according to survey results announced by Monster. This is despite 57% saying social media use in the workplace is unprofessional.

The survey also found that 62% of workers say their coworkers don’t follow […]

1605, 2023

TECH + JOBS: Racial discrimination in tech

By |May 16th, 2023|

Despite a focus on DE&I, 24% of tech professionals say they experienced racial discrimination in 2022, up from 18% in the previous year, according to data from Dice, a job board for technology workers and division of DHI Group Inc.

Meanwhile, 26% of tech professionals said they experienced gender discrimination in 2022, up from 21% in […]

2003, 2023

TECH + JOBS: Hire for skills first

By |March 20th, 2023|

A four-year degree can be a valuable credential in hiring, but it’s not the only way to assess talent, according to a report by Bain and Co., OneTen and Grads of Life. A skills-first hiring approach can mitigate the barrier and make the process fairer for all job applicants.

Switching to skills-first hiring also helps open […]

1411, 2022

Tech & Jobs: Give certifications a chance

By |November 14th, 2022|

Just 31% of workers with advanced digital skills held a bachelor’s degree or postsecondary equivalent, according to research released by Amazon Web Services and Gallup. However, 36% of employers report that a postsecondary degree is required even for an entry-level job requiring digital skills. In addition, an analysis of international job vacancy data finds that […]

1807, 2022

Tech + Jobs

By |July 18th, 2022|

Cyberattacks to become more frequent

Cyberattacks occur every 39 seconds in the US, and the frequency is only expected to increase, according to a report by The Conference Board.

Ransomware poses a particular threat to business. Such attacks comprised 60% of malware attacks on companies in 2021, up from 45% in 2020, and affected companies’ ability to […]

1511, 2021


By |November 15th, 2021|

Software developer jobs to see big gains by 2030

Software developer jobs will see some of the largest growth among all occupational categories through 2030, according to an analysis by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It found that employment in the occupational category “software developers and software quality assurance analysts and testers” would grow by 409,500 […]

1910, 2021


By |October 19th, 2021|

How remote work affects collaboration

Is working from home overrated? A study in the science journal Nature Human Behavior, “The effects of remote work on collaboration among information workers,” points to some concerns about how employees share information while working remotely. The study looked at 61,182 Microsoft employees in the US over the first six months […]

1510, 2021

TECH + JOBS: European employers aren’t investing in new tech to help remote workers

By |October 15th, 2021|

European employers aren’t investing in new technology to support their remote workers, according to a survey by Ricoh Europe released in September.

It found that just 36% of European employers say their organisation has provided the tools and technology to maintain employee productivity while working from any location.

“Employers clearly value in-person collaboration — but they must […]

1705, 2021

TECH + JOBS: FTC warns to watch for possible AI bias

By |May 17th, 2021|

The US Federal Trade Commission cautioned firms to be careful when using artificial intelligence so that it does not discriminate against individuals.

“If a data set is missing information from particular populations, using that data to build an AI model may yield results that are unfair or inequitable to legally protected groups,” according to the FTC.

In […]