Dear Reader,

I am delighted to introduce our new 2013 Staffing 100 lineup. This list of industry influencers includes mavericks, established CEOs, entrepreneurs, visionaries — quite an eclectic collection, but all key drivers of the continuing success of our industry.

When we started this annual list three years ago, little did we think it would evolve into something much more. But it has. It has grown to become a coveted badge of honor within the industry.

And for those who didn’t make the list this time, there is always next year. The idea is to grow our circle and expand our concept of the industry. Our editorial team at Staffing Industry Analysts works very hard scrutinizing all the nominations that we receive, making sure we give each one due consideration. This is not a ranking, but a list of people our readers think have had a positive influence on how we work. It is a chance to recognize the effort of those who have moved the industry forward. This time we received more than 400 nominations. I would like to thank our team of editors and writers who have been diligent in their efforts to put this list together. Further, I would like to acknowledge erecruit, which is sponsoring this list.

And lastly, kudos to this year’s victors. Cheers for giving the industry what you have. And as always, please let me know what we can do to improve the magazine.

Subadhra Sriram
Editorial Director