While technology has been moving staffing firms from “spray and pray” recruiting tactics toward more effective and efficient approaches, the firms really want a tool that frees recruiters, from low-value labor to high-value discernment and candidate engagement. Hirenetics, launched in 2014, has developed a technology platform solution that helps both recruiters and job seekers to make the right matches, while eliminating low-value activities. Through a few, low-effort steps, “the right” candidates and “the right” jobs move closer together, often leading to a consummated recruitment.

Hirenetics offers recruiters a guided approach for specifying the worker characteristics needed for the open position. Similarly, a job seeker enters the Hirenetics process through a few easy steps — populating the Hirenetics profile from one’s LinkedIn profile, answering a few questions about educational attainment and field of work, and taking a 50-question personality test. This whole process can be completed in less than 12 minutes on a smart phone, and no résumé upload is involved. Until a job seeker chooses, his or her actual identity (and optionally other information) remains blocked, which is advantageous for passive candidate.

Once job seekers have registered, they immediately start getting matched algorithmically to posted jobs (they never have to apply for jobs). Job seekers can then not only see what jobs they have been matched to and how they have been ranked as a candidate relative to other candidates, they can also review the anonymous profiles of those other candidates above and below to learn why they may be superior or fall short.

Recruiters can also see the matches, filter them in different ways, and identify which candidates they would like to engage further with a message back, including getting responses to specific follow-up questions and a video interview (which the candidate can dfo using their smart phone as many times as they like before sending back). Recruiters can now filter candidates again and review hot prospects’ responses in the video interviews. At this point, recruiters are able to make an informed choice of what candidate(s) they want to pursue.

All activities occurring on the Hirenetics platform give rise to “network effects”: more jobs and candidates mean more potential matches, and the “learning algorithm” is getting better at making matches based on new data in the system.

The Buzz

Technology, platforms and algorithms can be smart, helpful friends of recruiters and job seekers, not the opposite.